Here are some wardrobe strategies to consider as you build your spring wardrobes:

q          Before you shop, do a closet assessment; see what you have and determine what you really “need”

q          Work with items you love, build on these key pieces

q          Don’t buy anything unless you know it will ‘work hard’ for you by mixing and matching to make numerous outfits (A bargain is not a bargain if it hangs in your closet)

q          Consider that you only need to add a few strategically chosen new items to give your wardrobe a significant boost

q          Invest in tailoring for a custom fit (this is an expense that is well worth the investment)

q          Invest in quality verses name brand.

q          Take shoes to the repair shop for a pick me up for about $20 verses $50-$150 new

q          Shop Bargain Rack first for prices that fit everybody’s pocketbook.  Buy only the things that fit your body shape & wardrobe strategy

q          Make a ‘wish list’ and let me figure out how to make your ‘wishes’ come true (birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day)

q          keep the quality in your lifestyle spending wisely



 Most people only utilize 20% of their clothes in their closet.  And having 20% they have barely or never worn.  With the economy being tight learn how to shop savvy.  Sometimes right out of your own closet!


  Investing in an Image consultant saves $$$$ by effectively giving you the tools you need to build a strong wardrobe to send a consistent timeless message.  Invest in a closet audit, personal eveluation of clothing shapes and styles that work for your shape.  Learn how to shop like a pro picking the colors that will radiate against your skin. 


Schedule a closet Audit with a professional to enhance your Image at a fraction of the cost of random purchasing that doesn’t always work hard for you.

Angela River
Image Consultant
Color Expert

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